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About Us

EXCEL EXEMPLARY LIMITED, is a limited liability firm with high end expertise across a wide range of services. The company was incorporated in the year 2012 under the company and allied matter decree 1990 to carry on business such as: Real estate investors and marketers, to purchase, take on lease or in exchange hire, invest in or otherwise acquire land, building right, property and chattel. To engage in the sale of petroleum products, distribution of lubricants, chemicals manufacturing and sale of lubricants, coastal transportation of petroleum products and provision of storage facility etc.

We have a solid civil engineering arm and a team of seasoned professionals proudly offering Building construction, Structural design & Appraisal, Steel fabrication & construction and Renovation of existing building. We are also full of commercial services in REAL ESTATE sector such as: Sales, Letting, Property development & management, Perimeter fencing, Site clearing & land reclamation, Land surveying to meet demands.
EXCEL EXEMPLARY LTD is managed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and efficient indigenous professionals, who are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our valued clients with quality services and prompt delivery, in a safe and healthy environment. More so, we have experienced Directors, Managers and Staff who have over time contributed their quota to the growth and success of the company.

a. Acquisition - We use our team of credible as well as reputable professionals to ensure the acquisition process is entirely stressed free for you.
b. Construction – A transparent and well phased process is ensured.
c. Management – Our experienced team provides a comprehensive management service which involves preparing legal paperwork, periodic inspections, ensuring rents are paid into clients account and the property is well maintained.
d. Letting – Vetting prospective tenants can be quite an odious job which we take off you.
e. Property Sale/Disposal – For clients who have already acquired real estate, our team of professionals on ground are pleased to act on your behalf for the disposal of your property.
f. Maximizing Income – Depending on location, we place your property into schemes or programs that will give and guarantee you the best returns.
g. Sourcing – We search for the right property that suits your requirements.
h. Negotiation – We make sure you get the right property at the right price.

EXCEL EXEMPLARY LTD is fully mobilized and in possession of key plants/equipment required for the lines of business highlighted above. The management of the company consist of a high caliber of professionals, who are experts and experienced in our areas of specialization. Specialized engineers and techniques are usually picked from our partners or recruited locally to meet the requirements for each project.
Since our arrival on the scene, EXCEL EXEMPLARY LTD has been known to provide prompt, efficient and high quality service to all her clients. This is as a result of the company’s policy of:
• In-depth understanding of our client’s requirement
• Company’s insistence on maintaining high standard and quality services.
• Careful selection of highly trained staff with ardent experience in their operation services.
We consider Health, Safety environment and quality as a primary factor in our daily company operational activities.
We have a principle built on customer satisfactions, motivated employee and healthy community relationship, which forms the bedrock for our growth and maximization of Return on Investment (ROI)

To maintain and occupy leading role and set standards in our areas of interest i:e Real estate and civil engineering sector.

EXCEL EXEMPLARY LTD is strongly committed to Safety environment, Health, Quality and Economy of all projects. We are a market driven organization, providing excellent services with very high professional standard to the construction sector, Real estate and Allied Industries. To also maintain and improve on our reputation in the market for designing and building mixed development estates, markets and general infrastructure and producing the best quality of concrete construction materials.